[sword-devel] ERV issues in And Bible

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 7 13:15:42 MST 2017


I'm sure you're right.

Just did a mod2osis dump of the whole module.

I think there are problems such as you describe whereby there are three
milestones with the same ID value.

$$$Psalms 2:12
<div type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse" sID="pv6983"/><lg
sID="gen11906"/><l level="1" sID="gen11907"/> <div type="x-milestone"
subType="x-preverse" eID="pv6983"/>Show that you are loyal to his
son,<note osisID="Ps.2.12!note.1" osisRef="Ps.2.12" placement="foot"
type="translation"> <reference osisRef="Ps.2.12" type="source">2:12
</reference><catchWord>Show … his son </catchWord>Literally, “Kiss
the son.”</note> <l eID="gen11907" level="1"/><l level="2"
sID="gen11908"/>or the Lord will be angry and destroy you. <l
eID="gen11908" level="2"/><lg eID="gen11906"/><lg
sID="gen11909"/><l level="1" sID="gen11910"/>He is almost angry enough to
do that now, <l eID="gen11910" level="1"/><l level="2"
sID="gen11911"/>but those who go to him for protection will be blessed.
<l eID="gen11911" level="2"/><lg eID="gen11909"/><div
type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse" s*ID="pv6984"*/><lb/><chapter
$$$Psalms 3:0
<chapter n="3" osisID="Ps.3" sID="Ps.3.seID.14187"/> <div
$$$Psalms 3:1
<div type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse" s*ID="pv6984"*/><title
canonical="true" type="psalm">A song of David^ written during the time he
was running from his son Absalom. </title><lg sID="gen11913"/><l
level="1" sID="gen11914"/> <div type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse"
e*ID="pv6984"*/>LORD, I have so many enemies. <l eID="gen11914"
level="1"/><l level="2" sID="gen11915"/>So many people have turned
against me. <l eID="gen11915" level="2"/><lg eID="gen11913"/>

If you search in this part of the file for the string *ID=""pv6984"* there
are three matches when there should only be two.

The problem is that the *start milestone div* appears twice in such problem

I suspect that Michael has somehow introduced a fresh bug in Haiola, and
that once this is fixed, the module will behave correctly again.

I don't think you need to tweak *And Bible* even though some other
front-ends can somehow cope with this anomaly.

Michael reads the messages sent to this list, so I'm confident that he will
take action accordingly.

For all we know, it may be affecting many more modules at eBible.org because
they are generated automatically by one of the scripts he uses with Haiola.

Even so, there seems to be a more fundamental problem.

Elements that are ‘milestoneable’ in the OSIS schema are:
*• abbr • chapter • closer • foreign • l • lg • q • salute • seg • signed •
speech • verse*

Observe that this does not include the *div* element.

Yet that is exactly what he has used, and I presume that in his Modified
OSIS schema this will validate.
There's probably never been any discussion as to how SWORD will behave with
/milestoned/ *div* elements, but this is quite a different matter than there
being an extra start milestone *div* at several locations.

Good catch!

Best regards,


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