[sword-devel] SWORDWeb Docker image

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 4 18:04:02 MST 2017

I've compiled a docker image for SWORDWeb if anyone is interested in 
trying it out.  If you have docker installed (should work on mac, 
windows, and linux), and you'd like to, e.g., expose your SWORD modules 
installed in /home/me/.sword on port 8888 you can try with a command 
like this:

docker run --name SWORDWeb -e LOGLEVEL=DEBUG -e DEFAULTBIBLE=KJV -d -v 
/home/me/.sword:/usr/share/sword -p 8888:8080 crosswire/swordweb

Then you should be able to hit http://localhost:8888 with your browser.  
If you don't supply the -v parameter to mount your sword modules, the 
container comes with KJV, StrongsGreek, and StrongsHebrew installed.

Hope it's useful (or at least fun).  I have it running on our server at:




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