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Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 11:57:13 MST 2017

I'm very happy to discover how many people use KonNYM!!
I'm working on a new version with notes. And we are translating the old

Le 09/06/2017 à 19:36, DM Smith a écrit :
> BTW, I’ve shortened this, removing country info, so you can reply to
> it without having it bounce for being too big…
>> On Jun 9, 2017, at 2:13 PM, DM Smith wrote:
>> Here are the stats for as far back as we have them. Total by module
>> broken out by “agent” and then by country. Other (SWORD) is the
>> installmgr that doesn’t further identify itself like xiphos and
>> PocketSword do. FTP & HTTP - Direct downloads are all downloads that
>> are not identified as one of the others.
>> Given the high number of times that PorCap has been downloaded, I
>> think we need to try to maintain backward compatibility.
>> [dmsmith at www bin]$ ./moduleStats.pl -name KonNYM,PorCap,SloStritar
>> -start 1900-01-01 -end now
>> 16085PorCap
>> By agent
>> 8441AndBible (JSword)
>> 3290Other (SWORD)
>> 1490Xiphos (SWORD)
>> 1205PocketSword (SWORD)
>> 1034HTTP - Direct download
>> 277Other (JSword)
>> 251Search engine
>> 97FTP - Direct download
>> ============
>> 1427SloStritar
>> By agent
>> 799Other (SWORD)
>> 196AndBible (JSword)
>> 160Search engine
>> 95HTTP - Direct download
>> 71FTP - Direct download
>> 71Xiphos (SWORD)
>> 21Other (JSword)
>> 14PocketSword (SWORD)
>> ============
>> 919KonNYM
>> By agent
>> 557Other (SWORD)
>> 123Search engine
>> 72HTTP - Direct download
>> 51AndBible (JSword)
>> 49Xiphos (SWORD)
>> 44FTP - Direct download
>> 14Other (JSword)
>> 9PocketSword (SWORD)
>> ============
>>> On Jun 9, 2017, at 1:33 PM, DM Smith wrote:
>>> I’d like to have Troy and Peter’s guidance on this. It is both a
>>> software and a module management issue. Back in the day, we knew
>>> this was likely to happen.
>>> I’m still gathering stats. It is a slow process. I think it should
>>> help inform a decision. The upshot is that there are thousands of
>>> downloads of these three modules since they have been introduced.
>>> Some are more popular than others. Details to follow.
>>> The question is how to go forward. One way is to break backward
>>> compatibility. The other is to try to create a reasonable migration
>>> path. (Which is what I recommend.)
>>> From an engineering perspective, we can have any number of
>>> versifications in the engine and they can have any name. However,
>>> we’ve been reluctant to add versifications, especially if they are
>>> one offs. So far versification names are a blend of A-Za-z0-9, I
>>> don’t know if there are other restrictions. It seems to follow C
>>> variable naming restrictions.
>>> Things to consider when updating a module’s conf.
>>> MinimumVersion. When we add a new versification, it is tied to a
>>> particular release. This means that new module potentially won’t be
>>> available until the SWORD engine is released (any day now….) and the
>>> front-end is updated.
>>> Obsoletes. For a module to obsolete another, it needs a different
>>> [Name] and have Obsoletes. It probably should have a different
>>> Description (old JSword bug, long since fixed, doesn’t like it when
>>> two modules have the same Description).
>>> Versification. It should give the appropriate v11n.
>>> DM
>>>> On Jun 9, 2017, at 11:13 AM, Cyrille  wrote:
>>>> Not a lot! And Konnym doesn't have (not yet) the Old Testament. I
>>>> manage it...
>>>> Then if you prefer to write a new v11n, I can do it. But what name
>>>> to give it? And I would to write 2 v11n, one for esther 10 and one
>>>> for Esther 16.
>>>> A name can be CatholicEs10, and CatholicEs16?
>>>> Le 09/06/2017 à 15:46, DM Smith a écrit :
>>>>> On the CrossWire server the following are in the main repository:
>>>>> konnym.conf:Versification=Catholic2
>>>>> porcap.conf:Versification=Catholic
>>>>> slostritar.conf:Versification=Catholic
>>>>> Checking the download stats for these. Will get back with the results.
>>>>> In Him,
>>>>> DM
>>>>>> On Jun 9, 2017, at 10:37 AM, Cyrille  wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> What the solution proposed? Is it possible to know exactly how
>>>>>> modules
>>>>>> are compiled with the Catholic and Catholic2? I'm interesting to
>>>>>> know it...
>>>>>> Le 06/06/2017 à 14:50, DM Smith a écrit :
>>>>>>> If an existing v11n changes, all modules released by it will
>>>>>>> have to be re-released with the update and all front-ends will
>>>>>>> have to be recompiled with it. JSword will need to change too
>>>>>>> and front-ends based upon it, also.
>>>>>>> The reason is simple the index file for a testament is an
>>>>>>> indexed array with each verse in the v11n having a predetermined
>>>>>>> index.
>>>>>>> If no modules have been released with it, it is a fairly safe
>>>>>>> change. The risk are older front-ends with the wrong tables.
>>>>>>> Issuing a v2 (simply another v11n with a new name) and
>>>>>>> deprecating the older probably is a safer change.
>>>>>>> In Him,
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