[sword-devel] HebDelitzsch updated

Yedidyah Bar David didi-sword at didi.bardavid.org
Tue Jan 10 15:00:17 MST 2017

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 6:27 PM, David Haslam <dfhmch at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi DM,
> I really want Peter to address the issue, rather than some kind of
> workaround.
> This thread already records that on 27 August, I was able to build the
> module successfully from the same OSIS file, using default KJV v11n, and
> osis2mod $Rev: 2893
> I just repeated the build using osis2mod: $Rev: 3314 and obtained the same
> success.
> In both cases, I used a different module name, so that I didn't overwrite
> Peter's module.
> Peter wrote that he'd added NRSV to the conf file. I don't think he did what
> he said.
> I re-installed the module HebDelitzsch today, to be sure I am not reporting
> badly.
> There's no Versification entry in the conf file.
> It's still v1.1.1 though I should have expected v1.1.2
> This being the case, had he really built it without any v11n in the osis2mod
> cmd line,
> then there would not be any serious issues.
> So I still think he built it with -v NRSV in the cmd line.
> Though not ideal, this can be made to work, but front-ends such as Xiphos
> would have minor navigation control problems when trying to go past either
> of the two missing verses.

Hi all,

Sorry for a very long overdue reply.

This issue still exists.

I noticed it only recently, probably because for a very long time I
used it only from my own-built modules and not from the crosswire.org

When I use crosswire.org ones, I still see all the symptoms mentioned
before, including missing verses in Jude/Rev etc.

My self-built modules can be found in github:


Can someone please handle this? Many thanks!


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