[sword-devel] Win32 sword utilities for SWORD release 1.8.0 ?

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Sat Dec 30 02:05:34 MST 2017

Thanks everyone for disparaging those of us using Windows.  ;>}

I've been building modules for years with the Win32 tools, and barely encountered any problems attributable to the utility itself.
Nearly all the problems that arise in module development are due to getting things wrong in the OSIS XML or in the .conf file.

osis2mod.exe just works!

As do all the other Win32 utilities (though there are a few I've never had cause to try).

If you're a regular Windows user, and all your other useful software is in Windows,
it's just not sensible to expect folk to jump ship to Linux merely for building and testing modules.

Of course, that doesn't mean that when we submit a fully tested module along with its source text and .conf file
that the Linux users in the modules team never introduce their own new bugs, does it?

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> Couple of points.
> A casual module developer does not need any of the utilities at their most up to date as we would not accept a module, but only a source text. So, as long is the OSIS etc is right, the rest is my concern as the module upload person.
> Someone who wants to do heavy lifting and on a regular basis should usually go a direction which is well-known to work. They should not rely on tools which are maintained with little commitment. I.e. they should use Linux. Even if someone (else) successfully learns to compile on or for Windows, this is not the same as us having a commitment to maintain Windows versions. We do not have that commitment and moaning about it does not change this.
> For your environment, John, the simplest I can suggest would be to move the module building onto the Linux server, instead of learning to crosscompile. The way I would do that if I was tied to Windows workstations is to install the module utilities on the server and use git hooks to compile a module each time someone pushes updates to the text. This would require a move from SVN to git, but the added advantages of that would be significant anyways. I gladly can tell you more about that if you are interested.
> Peter
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