[sword-devel] Creative Commons - updating the verbatim requirements for DistributionLicense values in module .conf files

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Fri Dec 29 08:02:37 MST 2017

Dear all,

It's imperative that we provide accurate advice to SWORD module makers.

Please visit https://crosswire.org/wiki/DevTools:conf_Files#Copyright_.26_Licensing_related_elements

Since this table was constructed a long time ago, there have been several new versions released for all the Creative Commons licenses.

Please visit http://creativecommons.org/ for details.

Our verbatim strings for CC licenses are no longer adequate. They need to be updated to match the latest license versions.

Please would someone in CrossWire that "knows the ins and outs" please attend to this urgent task.

Best regards,


PS. This is not the first time that I have made such a request.

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