[sword-devel] Announcing release 1.8.0

Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 11:53:50 MST 2017

Le 28/12/2017 à 18:43, Troy A. Griffitts a écrit :
> Hi Cyrille,
> First, I want to express my gratitude for you research, input, and
> contribution with this and so much more here over the years.
> Regarding your v11ns, I am no expert in French v11n and as Greg
> pointed out, the thread where you submitted them seemed still to have
> outstanding issues. We need to avoid changing v11n schemes after a
> release, when modules may have been created against them.
> I would suggest the same as Greg... reply to the thread which was
> discussing these new v11n schemes to freshen the topic and see what
> objections others may 
Ok, I can search this thread, but I remember well:
No changes in the current catholic v11n, but new proposition, what I
did. And it is not French v11n but new Catholics (from French, Italian,
Lithuanian, Lingala and Kikongo catholic translations) because the
currents have some issues.
David made some correction in my v11n in the git repo. It is ready.

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