[sword-devel] Announcing Sword++

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Tue Sep 27 03:28:47 MST 2016

On 2016-09-26, 17:14 GMT, Ryan Hiebert wrote:
> It is certainly possible that there is only room for one 
> library in the "market". If this is the case, and this fork 
> becomes the choice of the market, then it should be apparent 
> that the original did not make the choices that the market 
> needed. Nobody likes split attention, but if a fork becomes 
> used in practice, then it is by definition doing the right 
> thing, because it's doing what the users need.

Certainly, but it is hard to imagine how any distribution 
replaces functioning library with the one which objectively 
regresses in provided functionality (no bindings, for example).  
Also, will other programs using currently normal sword (e.g., 
gnomesword/xiphos) work with sword++?

> It really serves no purpose to get upset about someone making, 
> and sharing, their own personal fork.

Certainly, and I was among those who supported more “agile” (not 
necessarily using the methodology, just less burdensome) 
approach to libsword (e.g., everything in git, pull requests, 
etc.). We are still not allowing cooperation style normal in the 
FLOSS world, we have still some modules (e.g., most Bible 
modules) de-facto proprietary (i.e., without sources available), 
and I believe all these unresolved issues lead to the silly 
forks like this one.



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