[sword-devel] Apple Plans To Boot Orphaned Apps From its App Store

TS outofthecube at icloud.com
Fri Sep 9 19:26:11 MST 2016

Thank you for your and everyone else’s replies. I was not expecting it. It was encouraging. :) 
I’m not a professional at computer programming, so there are some things that I don’t know about, but I’m trying to learn. I’m not a stranger though to computers by any means. 

Thank you also for the information and details. It helps fill in some blanks and answer some question(s) that I had. For example, I had not realized that the search indexes were not self generated due to hardware limitations. 

I have used many of the modules from the Xiphos project, but I do not believe that I have used the actual program itself. I didn’t know that it could create search indexes. I may run a virtual instance of Linux just to try out Xiphos. 

I do have twitter and that’s one of the ways that I contacted Nic. I don’t tweet myself though really.

Before I forget, here is the link to my repo with the version of PocketSword that I patched and currently use:


I only changed one file I think and tried to preserve what Nic had already written. I think offhand I may have made some other changes here and there too…I think I changed the http links to be https for example because of needing to conform to the newer security rules.


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