[sword-devel] questions concerning xml markup osis

Parks parksfamily at earthlink.net
Tue May 10 13:33:48 MST 2016

	Working with the osis xml KJV file.

	I was hoping someone could help me to understand:
	1) milestone types.
	I see in the Old Testament: x-extra-p, x-p with a marker value of paragraph.
	In the New Testament all the milestones are type x-strongsMarkup 
with data information so I assume these have nothing to do with 
translations but simply markers that helped contributers to keep 
track of the work. So Basically if someone could help with the Old 
Testament milestone types?

	2) Seg markers.
	Most appear to be being used without any attributes (mostly around 
the divinename elements), but I am seeing some with something like 
<seg type="x-transChange" subType="x-added">. I am assuming these are 
marking added text - BUT, I am also seeing <transchange 
type="added">. Is there some difference between these tags? 
<transchange> seems to be used mostly in the Old Testament, but the 
New Testament is making use of both seg and transchange.

Thank you for any help,
Michael Parks

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