[sword-devel] Missing verse in AndBible

Kahunapule Michael Johnson Kahunapule at eBible.org
Mon May 23 11:59:32 MST 2016

On 05/20/2016 11:46 PM, Matěj Cepl wrote:
> OK, now finally to your original question. It's weird, but with 
> AndBible 2.5.1 (from the f-droid.org repository) and WEB module 
> (in the American spelling, just WEB, not any of the modified 
> modules, right now downloaded from the Sword repository), I see 
> Wis 16:1 quite clearly (actually, better than in Xiphos, where 
> I was not able to find out how to select non-canonical book).
> May we get the case of the corrupted download here?

So, where did Wisdom 16:29 from engWEB2015eb go in AndBible? This also affects the British/International and Catholic Book order variants of the World English Bible, but does not affect the Tok Pisin Bible, which was made with the exact same tool chain. It also works OK with KJVD and KJVA. Could Wisdom 16:28 ending with a colon instead of a period possibly trigger a bug?


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