[sword-devel] Missing verse in AndBible

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Sat May 21 02:46:03 MST 2016

On 2016-05-20, 23:35 GMT, Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> I think I successfully set up delivery to crosswire.org 
> addresses of both HTML and plain text alternate formats in 
> email. In the year 2016, insisting that only plain text 
> messages be sent to you is not a realistic expectation. All 
> modern email clients send HTML messages by default, and 
> receive them without problems. Enough said.

But even in the year 2016 one can be considerate and send both 
HTML and plain text, which you did apparently, because I can 
read this message just fine now. Thank you.

> I'm not interested in a theological debate about canonicity in 
> this forum,

If you notice I was the one who was asking for apocryphal books, 
because readers of the Czech Bible modules are quite often 
Catholics. After all, theoretically, if anything, Czechia is 
predominantly Catholic country, and if one wants to improve 
Biblical literacy here (which I guess is the point of the whole 
Crosswire project), then inclusion of the deuterocanonical books 
makes a huge difference.

Having said that I will probably in desperation start to work on 
adding deuterocanonical books from whereever I find them as my 
personal project even before I get the permission from the Czech 
Bible Society (because by holding my breath waiting on their 
approval I got only blue in my face but not much anything else, 
I am afraid).

> variety of church traditions. My question is why the last 
> verse of Wisdom 16 would be missing in AndBible, but not in 
> other Sword front ends, and what can be done to prevent that 
> and similar omissions.

OK, now finally to your original question. It's weird, but with 
AndBible 2.5.1 (from the f-droid.org repository) and WEB module 
(in the American spelling, just WEB, not any of the modified 
modules, right now downloaded from the Sword repository), I see 
Wis 16:1 quite clearly (actually, better than in Xiphos, where 
I was not able to find out how to select non-canonical book).

May we get the case of the corrupted download here?


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