[sword-devel] Strong's referance's

Peter Simon figtreenz7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 18:57:04 MST 2016

Just a question on the Strong's! it doesn't seem to match up with the
Strong's that I have.
Note that 1249 Greek reference lists a deacon as specially, a Christian
teacher and pastor, this doesn't appear in the Exhaustive Strong's
The Strongest Strong's 2001zondervan, doesn't have a *deacon* as a pastor
or teacher.
Which has made me to wonder about the rest of the translations that the app
is using.
What is the Greek that the end bible is using?
The app is great, if the Greek is off the mark then there is a problem as
the KJV and the Strong's are supposed to go hand in hand I was always
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