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Konstantin Maslyuk kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 11:54:34 MST 2016

I believe I would have such pleasure next summer. But my faith seems to me bigger than my opportunities.


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Dear sword-devel,

It has been a really long time since we've had any formal SWORD Meet.  
My apologies for not planning anything.  They are always a blessing to 
me and I hope to others, as well.

I would like to propose 2 options for annual SWORD gatherings throughout 
the year.


I have made it a habit over the last years to visit Edinburgh during 
Festival Fringe each August.  Often I meet informally with Peter von 
Kaehne, once with David Haslam, and it seems a good occasion for both 
fun and catching up.  Would our European contingency be interested in 
planning regular meetings around Fringe each August?


It is already August this year thus no chance to plan anything official, 
but I will be there between 14-21 August, and would be happy to meet 
with anyone informally.


Next, many of us attend ETS+IBR+SBL each year.  These conferences meet 
each November, just before U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and move from city 
to city each year.  This year will be in San Antonio. I've met many of 
our community over the years at these events and SBL usually even has 
digital research tools sessions which can be interesting.  These events 
also would provide a great opportunity for us to meet with publishers.  
Would our U.S. collaborators be interested in planning regular meetings 
to coincide?




Thanks for considering, sharing in service together, and I look forward 
to hopefully seeing some of you soon,


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