[sword-devel] Corrections for frejnd.conf

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 11:54:50 MST 2015

Dear SWORD developers,

FreJND has been released in Crosswire repository thanks to Peter on
August 2015. Thanks again for that!
Several issues have been reported, but there are still unresolved. I
tried to sum up in this mail all the issues.

_*# Issue 1 : encoding issue*_

There are encoding issues, the About field contains not well-encoded
characters (see
Please set About field to (fix invalid characters, remove fax, improve
> About=Traduction française par John Nelson Darby (JND) en 1859.\par\
>     Texte libre de droits.\par\
>     Vous pouvez acheter une version imprimée à la maison d'édition ci-dessous.\par\
>     \par\
>     French translation by John Nelson Darby (JND) 1859.\par\
>     Public Domain.\par\
>     You can buy a printed version at the following publishing house.\par\
>     \par\
>     Bibles et Publications Chrétiennes\par\
>     30 rue Châteauvert\par CS 40335\par 26003 Valence Cedex\par FRANCE\par\
>     Web: http://www.labonnesemence.com/\par\
>     Tel: +33 (0)4 75 78 12 78

_*# Issue 2 : Duplicated fields*_

Moreover the field *History_1.20* is *duplicated* (5 times), there is a
line containing "newest toolset", that's a mistake! (and line 14 is blank)
> History_1.20=Re-made with newest toolset
> newest toolset
> History_1.20=Re-made with newest toolset
> History_1.20=Re-made with newest toolset
> History_1.20=Re-made with newest toolset
> Version=1.20
> History_1.20=Re-made with newest toolset

Please fix the .conf issues, it seems trivial.

_*# Issue 3 : offset verses ⇒ misplaced or missing verses *__*(affects
user experiment)*_

* In Jude, verse numbering is incorrect (offset +1). The chapter title
("Chapitre 1") should be displayed before the chapter NOT at verse 1
(but verse 0 as before) and so shift verse numbering. As a consequence
the last verse is missing as it does not fit the KJV.
* In Rev.22 verses 0 to 2 are incorrect (related to Rev.21 and chapter
title). Again verse numbering does not respect the OSIS and the last two
verses are missing.

First, I thought it was a new bug (recently introduced) in osis2mod or
sword engine.
But after some tests, it seems it is a simple missing in .conf! As a
consequence, it is trivial to fix!
Since version 1.19 FreJND started using NRSV versification BUT it is no
longer mentioned in the .conf file!
If you change line 14 to Versification=NRSV, the above errors will be fixed.

So please correct .conf versification issues (add Versification=NSRV and
MinimumVersion I guess) OR rebuild OSIS for KJV versification. (NRSV is
very slightly better)

Please release a 1.21 version with the corrections mentioned above! Then
you should remove FreJND from beta.

At last, domcox submitted 3 french versification schemes (see
"[sword-devel] French versification schemes" topic).
Do you plan to integrate them in the sword engine? in the next released?

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