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Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
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On 2015-10-06, 19:40 GMT, David Haslam wrote:
> After today's flurry of activity, I'm now quite happy for this 
> to go ahead asap.

Thank you.

But it reminds me to return (originally I wrote about this in 
myself to the unhappy state (or very happy, actually) state of 
the Czech modules in Sword.  Looking at 
http://crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles we 

    CzeB21  Czech Bible, Překlad 21. století
    CzeBKR  Czech Bible Kralicka
    CzeCEP  Czech Ekumenicky Cesky preklad
    CzeCSP  Czech Český studijní překlad
    CzeKMS  Czech Preklad KMS Nova smlouva
    CzeNKB  Czech Nova kralicka Bible

We are very fortunate that from the four most modern and most 
official current Biblical translations in the Czech language we 
have three (we are missing the Cahotlic Jerusalem Bible, and 
some of my Catholics friends complained about missing 
Deuterocanonical books in CzeCEP; but that's another issue, 
although important one, Czechia is if anything the mostly 
a Catholic country). CzeBKR is the Renaissance/Reformation 
translation of the Bible to Czech from the original languages 
(the fifth in Europe!), somewhat equivalent of KJV (albeit a bit 
more readable for the current Czechs than KJV is for the current 
native English).

However, the problem is that we have two books twice in various 
versions of the development.

CzeNKB is actually original unfinished draft of CzeB21 (NKB 
means in translation "New Kralická Bible", i.e., revision of 
CzeBKR; however, after some development, the authors recognized 
that they are actually not working on mere revision, but a fresh 
new translation so they called "The Bible 21").

The same goes for CzeKMS which is an original unfinished draft 
of CzeCSP (KMS is the organization sponsoring the translation, 
but in the end the project was named "Český Studijní Překlad; 
Czech Study Translation"). Here the situation is even more bad, 
because CzeCSP is really an official version from the published 
texts with all footnotes, cross-references, etc. and CzeKMS is 

So, I would suggest removing CzeNKB and CzeKMS from the 
repository altogether (do we have some Attic or something of 
that kind?), because it brings just confusion to our users.


Now to our Slovak neighbors (I was born in Czechoslovakia, so 
I have still heart for them). When looking at the same page 
I see direct opposite of the Czech situation: there is nothing.  
We don’t have any Slovak Bible at all.

There is a Sword module of the Catholic translation at 
http://www.kristus.bibletop.sk/sword.zip, but it looks to be of 
rather poort quality (KJV v11n and missing deuterocanonic 
/ apocryphal books, which is even more unfortunate; Slovakia is 
*very* Catholic country). I am in communication with its author 
who offered me it for Sword. However, I am not sure about his 
right to do so and I would like to get the original source texts 
to be able to improve it (yes, I know about mod2osis, but still 
original sources could bring more data).  Otherwise the text is 
readable in Xiphos (although even in the first chapter I read, 
I see typos).

What do you think?



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