[sword-devel] Updated CzeBKR

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Tue Oct 6 10:21:36 MST 2015

On 2015-10-06, 16:46 GMT, David Haslam wrote:
> I was thinking merely of those more verbose book names.

OK, first, does it matter so much? Cannot we make version 1.2 
now, and I would update it in future with 1.2.1 (or 1.3)?

> Though it will not substantially affect the module, you could include in the
> USFM conversion
> \toc1 Verbose book name
> \toc2 Short book name
> \toc3 Abbreviation

OK, I am completely confused what is the standard way how to 
deal with the beginning of a biblical book. I have now (Matthew, 
see http://is.gd/85eZ79 for the source):

    \id MAT
    \mt1 Matouš
    \c 1
    \v 1 Kniha rodu Ježíše Krista syna Davidova, syna Abrahamova.

And everything seems to work just fine (so I am not sure I see 
the reason why I should change anything). Should I change it 
into the following?

    \id MAT
    \mt1 Matouš
    \h Matouš
    \toc1 Evangelium podle Matouše
    \toc2 Matouš
    \toc3 Mt
    \c 1
    \v 1 Kniha rodu Ježíše Krista syna Davidova, syna Abrahamova.

Isn’t it a bit too many times repetition? How many times 
I should write down “Matouš” to make you happy?



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