[sword-devel] New Front End

Peter Von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed May 13 02:58:45 MST 2015

We do host some frontends on CrossWire. 

I am not exactly sure of the criteria. Probably mostly about what and whose they are. Troy's stuff is on CW. Bibledesktop is on CW. Some of these are reference applications of sorts. 

But we also have a now abandoned but useful application for very old Windows mobile phones and a couple of other things there. 

Troy is the man who would make that decision for a serious frontend. If it would simply fill a niche as a utility for module making etc I could probably upload it in the utilities section - but its exposure there is virtually nil. 

What would be interesting to me - I had no time yet to checkout the code and compilem but will do so soon - what is your aim over and above what the diatheke does?



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> On 2015-05-12, 19:34 GMT, Ryan Hiebert wrote:
> > If I were you, I'd host the code and the tarballs on GitHub.  
> > Not everybody agrees with me, but GitHub is pretty capable for 
> > this purpose.
> Except GitHub (aside from being a proprietary beast) doesn’t 
> allow hosting of a random tarball or webpage, only allows 
> downloading of a snapshot of some particular tag and it has 
> wiki. For somebody it might be important.
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