[sword-devel] FireBible is back - 2.0b3 released!

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sat May 9 19:38:09 MST 2015

It's been nearly three years since the last FireBible release, but I'm 
happy to announce the FireBible 2.0b3 release today. This version will 
work on Windows & Linux for Firefox versions 26 and higher. No OS X 
support yet, unfortunately. I'll submit this update to Mozilla Add-ons 
so that my AMO listing gets updated as well, but I expect that to take 
some time.
You can get FireBible here: http://thegoan.com/firebible

The most serious change is the fact that I've moved from JSword to Sword 
(through XULSword) due to the constant problems with Firefox's 
extensions + Java security settings, which ultimately left FireBible in 
a broken state for a couple of years. Moving to Sword was not 
technically difficult thanks to XULSword, but it did entail a rewrite of 
a significant portion of the extension which took longer than expected. 
I guess a few Wiki edits will now be necessary, reflecting these change.

There are a a couple of known deficiencies compared to previous versions 
of FireBible, given the loss of features that JSword gave me for free / 
easily - like the Module Manager and Search functionality. I'm working 
on re-adding these now.

I take this opportunity to thank DM Smith for his work on JSword, 
without which FireBible would not have existed in the first place - and 
John Austin for XULSword (and all Sword developers too!) without which 
FireBible would never have been resurrected :)

For more details on this release, please read: 

Feedback appreciated, as always. Have a great Sunday!

In Him,

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