[sword-devel] Apache OpenOffice / LibreOffice Extension

Ryan adyeths at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 07:15:34 MST 2015

On Sat, 2015-03-14 at 18:50 +0000, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> There was something on sourceforge. Using some insane hack on the
> diatheke and something else. It might still be there. I have tried using
> it and found it worse than cut and paste

Of course it was a hack. That's all it was ever meant to be. And it is
still available, for whatever it's worth. It did, however, serve my
purposes at the time and the purposes of at least one other person who
was kind enough to provide some feedback. Nobody else bothered to
provide any feedback so I concluded nobody else wanted something to
perform this function and moved on to other things.

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