[sword-devel] TEI filters - improvement work

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Mar 14 13:57:56 MST 2015

I would like to solicit opinions re the current TEI filter set.

I am heavily writing filters just now for LaTeX so have gained some
level of insight in how they work. 

At the current rate the teixhtml filter produces for the vast bulk of
TEI tags either <i>s or <b>s. With little distinction and no graphical

And yet TEI is very featureful + modules written in TEI could be with
relatively little effort be quite pretty. 

A father garish attempt from long ago wrt handling of TEI with CSS is


This is the TEI entry from Webster1913 for "abash", unaltered, slapped
between a start and end html tag, with some css thrown across it. I do
not say it is pretty, but it shows what amount of info comes along with

So, my thought is that the engine might be coaxed to give a little bit
more info - either by differentiating a bit the xhtml used or by adding
class attributes to the existing output.

Any thoughts - particularly from frontend developers? What would be your
preferred way forward? more and different html? more css class
information, both? 

I will put no promise of a timescale onto completion - just that I can
do this whenever I am able to come round to it. 

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