[sword-devel] DisplayLevel handling

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Jun 19 04:05:06 MST 2015

Xiphos has never handled DisplayLevel in any way.  I've looked at the
wiki write-a-conf page and I'm kind of at a loss to grasp what would
happen for DL > 2.  DL=1, just display the entry, fine. DL=2, display
all siblings at the same key level, fine.  DL>=3?  Do I start crawling
up and down the key tree looking for stuff?  It doesn't seem to me that
DL>2 makes a whole lot of practical sense.

Does anyone have some code at hand that they could share, for handling
the DL=2 case?  Basically, given a key /a/b/c, loop through all /a/b/*. 
Just trim the key back to /a/b, then...what?  I understand DL=2 is what
must have been intended in the brief, abortive foray into genbook Bibles
some years ago, so asking for Matthew/25/1 would show all of Matthew/25,
but that effort clearly fell flat.

I've always been uncomfortable with Xiphos' handling of genbook keys.  I
could use a short tutorial in code.
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