[sword-devel] How exactly does the sword modules work

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 22 19:48:13 MST 2015

Dear Delali Michael Azumah,

I'd like to also say that CrossWire has many different software
packages.  You mention that you have our software for Windows installed
but this list show all the software available for Windows in case you
prefer use different software with your team:


Blessings in your service for our Lord,


On 07/22/2015 03:47 PM, Michael Azumah wrote:
> Peace be with you,
> I am a Bible software developer at Savislin. We are a Christian
> organisation aimed at winning souls for Christ and the best way we
> believe we can achieve such aim is to provide the WORD OF GOD to
> everyone in their own heart language.
> I heard about cross wire Bible society on Google when I was searching
> for public domain Bible modules. I visited the website and saw the sword
> project, but I don't know what it really is about and how it works. Well
> I have the sword project software for windows installed.
> I am currently working on a Bible toolkit for my organisation and we
> need Bible modules. I just want to know if there are any ways I can
> convert the sword modules to text for my organisations Bible software,
> or if need be help in working on the sword project.
> I wouldn't want to speak much though but would be very happy to hear
> from you soon. May God continue to teach us all.
> Grace be with you.
> Delali Michael Azumah
> Co-founder/President of Savislin.
> www.savislin.blogspot.com
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