[sword-devel] how to submit fixes to the Ge'ez module?

David Walther david at clearbrookdistillery.com
Sat Jul 4 11:28:37 MST 2015

I was working with the Ge'ez module, and found at least 5 or 6 errors which are
easily fixed.  Generally just two verses being combined into one, and then the
second verse being marked as "empty".

But how do I apply the fix? I found the errors in the UTF-8 plaintext dump of
the module.  The module itself is all zipped up and encoded (not encrypted or
password protect.

So, I guess there is this:  how to take the binary form of the module, put it
into the canonical text form, so my fixes, and convert it back into a binary
module?  Where can I do a git checkout of the canonical text form so I can
submit the patch upstream?

If this is the wrong list for this question, let me know where to go.


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