[sword-devel] New Front End

David "Judah's Shadow" Blue yudahsshadow at gmx.com
Sat Jul 4 08:27:05 MST 2015

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015 03:30:08 PM David Judah's Shadow Blue wrote:
> I am about to make my first release of BIBISH, my new console front-end for
> sword, however, I'm finding I don't have a place to host tarballs and
> related files, and a small about page. Is there an option for front ends to
> have a space on the crosswire servers, or should I apply for something like
> a savannah (nongnu) or sourceforge? For those interested, the code is at,
> https://www.notabug.org/judahsshadow/bibish

So I had ended up going with SourceForge since you can specify you're just 
doing files/wiki/etc. However, given the recent bad behavior by SourceForge 
I'm not to keen on staying there. I'm not sure that the non-gnu end of 
Savannah is a good fit since a)sword is gpl v2 only (and thus so is BIBISH) 
and I'm not sure where our encrypted modules fall in the FSF way of thinking 
about DRM. If Crosswire hosted isn't an option for me currently are there 
other suggestions out there? I'm more concerned about website related things 
(wiki, news, etc.) as I can host releases on openSUSE's OBS if push comes to 
shove (and get lots of distro binary releases to boot)
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