[sword-devel] [JSWORD] paragraph support drop

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 02:43:23 MST 2015

Dear JSWORD developpers,

I work on FreJND & FreCJE. These modules use <p> in OSIS for paragraphs. 
Paragraphs are well displayed in Xiphos and BibleTime, but not in 
Andbible and BibleDesktop (where a chapter is printed as a big block).

First I reported this on the jsword mailing list in the past, one says 
it is easy to fix. Then I reported it as a bug on JIRA :

In the past, paragraphs were displayed correctly in JSword frontends. 
But I guess due to a change in the SWORD engine, it is now encoded 
differently and JSword does not recognize it.

Please fix it

NB : I first posted this on the jsword-devel mailing list but I am not 
authorized to post there and my mail has automatically been rejected.

-- yvand

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