[sword-devel] reference parser - yet another bug?

Peter Von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Feb 12 10:08:02 MST 2015

Romanian for "Judges" is "Judecatori". Romanian for "Jude" is Iuda.

So "Ju", "Jud", "Jude", probably even "J" should only ever be understood as "Judecatori".

But alas, the parser, uses English abbreviations to override at certain and not entirely predictable places. 

So, Jude will be translated into Jude despite being a valid abbreviation for Judges in the Romanian locale

If I now add "Jude=Judg" to the locale, I can fix that - but I get the same problem at "Jud". Why? Do I need to disable every single abbreviation which could be read as something in English? Our locale will probably need a massive overhaul if this is desired behaviour.

I personally think once I changed my locale into a non-English one no other "default" locale should interfere - or at the very least it should function only as a fallback if there is no possible "first locale" interpretation. 

Or am I missing something?



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