[sword-devel] Sword C# bindings for Windows

Jon Behrens jbb at crimsonthread.com
Thu Sep 25 16:32:54 MST 2014


I've now got the C# bindings so they run without error on both Windows 
and Linux
using the same source code. This includes the LookupExample and all of 
the unit tests.

The project files differ between the two OSs because of differences 
between MonoDevelop
and VS2013, but symbolic links on a network drive allows either OS to 
work on the
same sources.

I have put in a bug report for the Sword C++ project - it behaves 
differently in Windows
and Linux depending on whether a path to sword.conf is passed as an 
argument or the
default search function is used to find it. Because of that problem in 
Windows, I wrote
a class to handle parsing the sword.conf file and just pass actual paths 
to the Sword
C++ functions. I think I've made reasonable choices in that class, but 
freely admit that
I'm really new to Sword and will humbly accept correction. I've taken 
the liberty of placing
the Sword Project disclaimer on the new class I wrote - If that's not 
proper, I'll remove it.

I would be happy to post the tutorial I wrote on getting everything to 
run in Windows
to the Wiki if the administrator would accept me. I put in a request a 
few days ago and
have heard nothing back. My developer password doesn't work.

I've uploaded the MonoDev project file to 
http://midrash.crimsonthread.com/. The file
name is cSharpSword.zip. Just click to download. If it is useful, feel 
free to post it or take
any of its ideas or code.

Finally, as I start actual development, are there any C# projects extant 
that I might either
contribute to or get some ideas from?

Be blessed,

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