[sword-devel] C# Binding Example - success

Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 17:55:53 MST 2014

Can you please send me your updated project files (with the nunit
references changed). So I can diff them with mine.

The root of this issue is that monodevelop bundles nunit but there is
also separate nunit debian packages. Monodevelop doesn't handle this
conflict well.

MonoDevelop on linux creates package hints in the project files which
may be causing the problem. Not 100% sure though so need you updated
project files.

Daniel Hugehs

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Jon Behrens <jbb at crimsonthread.com> wrote:
> Praise God - after a week of fooling with this, I have finally gotten the C#
> binding example to work. Here's how I did it.
> Starting with a clean Linux Mint 17 install (Ubuntu derivative), install the
> following software (Thanks Troy for the list)
>     subversion    //Probably only needed if you don't download the tar file
>     automake
>     libtool
>     g++
>     zlib1g-dev
>     libicu-dev
>     libcurl4-openssl-dev
>     libclucene-dev
>     monodevelop
>     mono-complete
> Go to http://crosswire.org/sword/develop/index.jsp and download and extract
> the files into a directory ~/sword-1.7.3 in this case.
> Rename the directory from sword-1-7.3 to sword - this will prevent getting a
> library named sword-1.7.3.so. Not necessarily a problem, but you would have
> to change the name of the library that the examples are searching for.
> Edit the file usrinst.sh. Near the top of the file is a line:
>     OPTIONS="--disable-shared $OPTIONS"
> Comment that line out - or remove it, I suppose. This will get the make to
> generate a shared library in addition to the static one.
> Open the INSTALL file in a window so you can refer to it and follow the
> instructions.
> If the examples in ~/sword/examples/cmdline work, you've got everything set
> up properly.
> Now edit /etc/environment and add the line:
>     LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib"
> Assuming you've not changed the location of  libsword.so from the default.
>     $ source /etc/environment
> Now open monodevelop and open the project file in ~/sword/bindings/csharp
> There are three projects in the solution. Expand Sword.tests and edit the
> References. Remove nunit.core and nunit.framework. In the Assembly tree,
> check nunit.core and nunit.framework. For some reason these packages in the
> as-shipped solution cause the compile to fail. Removing and replacing them
> fixes that problem.
> Build the solution and run the LookupExample.
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