[sword-devel] Modules Don't Work

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Sep 1 00:23:08 MST 2014

Hi Isaac,

On August 31, 2014 1:49:11 PM MST, Isaac Dunham >
>> While installmgr previously did not output proper errors when it
>could not
>> write to the output path, this is no longer the case for a while now.
>Might I ask when this was fixed? I ran into it with 1.7.3.

I would need to look at the svn commit logs, but these problems should not exist in 1.7 branch. I didn't see them using svn head when I tested replying to this thread. If you can confirm that no error is output when installing to a directory for which you have no write permission, please let me know and we will hunt down the commit which still needs to be merged to the 1.7 branch. Thanks for reporting and checking for us. Greatly appreciated.


>> Your information might be helpful, but I hope next time you might
>preface it
>> with a clause something like: "I find that the default configuration
>> store files globally is more trouble than it is worth.  I have change
>> configuration to always install modules to my single user home
>> Troy
>Thank you and God bless,
>Isaac Dunham
>> On 08/29/2014 05:51 PM, Isaac Dunham wrote:
>> >Hello Jon,
>> >I've run into issues with installmgr not working as documented
>> >here's some notes:
>> >1. If you used sudo, be sure to "sudo rm -r ~/.sword" before trying
>> >set things up.
>> >Otherwise, you may be dealing with read-only config files and
>install paths.
>> >
>> >2. Before installing anything, you will have to create
>> >~/.sword/sword.conf containing this:
>> >===
>> >DataPath=/home/<username>/.sword
>> >===
>> >where <username> stands for your login name.
>> >
>> >A shortcut in the console:
>> >mkdir ~/.sword && \
>> >printf "[INSTALL]\nDataPath=$HOME/.sword\n" >~/.sword/sword.conf
>> >
>> >This can be done after syncing the repositories if you prefer.
>> >
>> >You may wish to check if /etc/sword.conf contains anything beyond
>> >a similar directive.
>> >
>> >3. installmgr will report success when it didn't succeed due to
>> >DataPath.
>> >To check whether the modules are installed, I suggest:
>> >diatheke -b system -k modulelist
>> >
>> >
>> >Hope this helps you,
>> >Isaac Dunham
>> >
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