[sword-devel] Building Python binding to Sword on Windows returns exit code 1

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue May 13 13:56:49 MST 2014

On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 3:48 PM, R Johnson <
ps16thypresenceisfullnessofjoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Greg and Ben.
If we could get that working, it would be great! Unfortunately, I don't
> have any experience with CMake either (in fact, I had never heard of it
> until I started trying to build Sword). But I'm willing to learn, and will
> try to do what I can.
> Following the instructions in some of the Sword README files, I was
> successfully able to create a VS2010 project for Sword with CMake (with the
> argument -DSWORD_BINDINGS="Python" added). But when I tried to build the
> Visual Studio project that it created, I got several errors. The output
> from the attempted build was 1625 lines, but many of them were not fatal
> errors, just warnings. I used a regex to remove all the warnings, and have
> attached the resulting file.
> It appears that the problem is that two header files cannot be found:
> 'dirent.h' and 'inttypes.h'. As far as I can tell, the former is in the
> Sword repository, but the latter is not (but is mentioned, along with
> HAVE_INTTYPES_H, in 'config.h.in' in the 'include' directory). The fatal
> errors that I got afterwards are likely caused by the previous builds
> failing, I think. Perhaps the problem could be fixed by simply adding these
> files to the correct directory?

dirent.h is present in most Linux/Unix environments but is absent in
windows environments. There is an appropriate flag we will need to enable
in CMakeLists.txt to tell SWORD to use the bundled dirent.h file. I believe
it's just a matter of setting the appropriate include directory when
building with MSVC (dirent.h is available when cross-compiling from MinGW
but that doesn't really help the MSVC/Python case).

I'll have to look into inttypes.h - it's probably an issue with finding the
appropriate compiler flags to set. I know that Sword builds with and
supports MSVC as there is a native MSVC build file that works fine with
VS2010. So it's just a matter of garnering from it to figure out what CMake
needs to do.


> Also, since the C# project solution file is unmaintained, do you think it
> would be a good idea to remove it from the repository? If that was done, it
> wouldn't cause confusion for other Sword newbies in the future like it did
> me.
> Thank you for your help.
> -- Timothy
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