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Sat Mar 15 11:25:15 MST 2014

I saw recently that there has been a good deal of conversation on
    this mailing list about Git. Personally, I think that Mercurial (Hg)
    is much better than Git, and I wanted to mention a few things
    regarding this:

Although (as someone recently mentioned) Mozilla Firefox OS 
switched from using Hg to Git, Mozilla still has a quite active (4 
repositories changed so far today) Hg source code repository at <http://hg.mozilla.org>.
When I was considering whether to use Git or Hg for my own 
single-person project, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of Git, with 
        commands in version 1.5.0. A quick look at screenshots of
        TortoiseGit's context menu versus TortoiseHg's will show this
        difference as well. While Git may be faster than Hg for certain
        operations on Linux, it has a reputation for being difficult to
        learn, and its Windows support (as of 2010) was
        reported to be much worse than Hg's. (Some of this information
        is from a book that comes with TortoiseHg, Mercurial: The Definitive Guide, which might appear to be biased,
        but its comparison of different VCSs seems objective to me.)
        This book also mentions that Git repositories require frequent
        "repacks" of metadata, which can decrease performance, take
        large amounts of disk space and server bandwidth, and take many
        hours to complete for large repositories. It goes on to say that
        Git uses shell or Perl scripts to implement several of its
        commands, which can ignore certain errors that should be fatal.


I have been using Mercurial (through TortoiseHg) for 6 months now
      and am very pleased with it. (I used TortoiseSVN before that, and
      had some frustrations with it.) Recently I found that a file in my
      repository had somehow gotten corrupted, but after reading the
      page on Mercurial's website about repository corruption, I was
      able to successfully recover my repository.


Since switching to a different VCS can be quite an ordeal, I
      wanted to mention these things. I admit that I am not very
      knowledgeable about VCSs, so please correct me if I am wrong about


-- Timothy

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