[sword-devel] KJV updated

Jim Michaels jmichae3 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 19 14:16:46 MST 2014

there is a bug in older versions of z cerain dll use4d by windows for "compressed(zipped) folders" in XP. I don't trust it. it corrupts and drops data according to my testing. the problem you had doesn't surprise me. it also doesn't handle files/archives over 2GiB. use 7-zip command-line:
cd somedir
7z a ..\something.zip 
cd somedir
7z a something.zip abc\*

it has some bugs with regards to recursive directories (always on regardless of -r switch)

the issue with compressed(zipped) folders seems to have been fixed in windows 7 AND the 2GiB limit is fixed.

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>On 16/02/14 11:15, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
>> Turns out the modules/texts/ztext/kjv directory is empty. Then I 
>> grabbed the zip file from the rawzip directory. All of the files in 
>> the modules directory are zero length...
>I recognise that problem from when I was helping to get the NET Bible 
>into a Sword module.  I was still using Microsoft Windows at that time 
>and I can't remember whether the problem was with the Windows method of 
>compression or what.  I do remember having to use either mingw or Cygwin 
>to run Linux tools to do the job properly - but we're talking ten years 
>ago so my memory fails me.  It was all part of my departure from 
>Microsoft Windows.
>God bless,        Barry.
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