[sword-devel] Things not in 1.7.3

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 05:37:40 MST 2014

There's been some discussion and hope to aim for a SWORD 1.8.0 release for
this spring or summer. Some of the features which are new in trunk and
which can't be merged down to 1.7.3 that would point in that direction are:

Specified compression level for modules
LaTeX output support
bzip2/xz compression support
UTF8SCSU (Not sure - this is Chris Little's thing)
Increase MSVC version to 2013.

How much buy-in would there be for cutting a new 1-8 branch later this
season or early next? Troy, Chris, and Peter are responsible for most or
all of the above work so the decision would fall to them on how they feel
these features are.

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