[sword-devel] Sword 1.7.3

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 21:59:06 MST 2014

We're hoping to have an impending Sword 1.7.3 release soon. As such, I have
attempted to merge only bug fixes and such over from the SVN trunk to the
sword-1-7-x branch. A highlight of some of the improvements since 1.7.2:

JIRA fixes for
Study filter now defaults to off like other filters
Additional code examples
Vastly improved and updated flatapi/C bindings
Better standards compliance
Better error detection and reporting
Multiple small render improvements
Changes to how preverse content is rendered by the engine
Many fixes to utilities

Several of these (especially study filters, error reporting, and preverse
content) will affect front-ends. Please, check out sword-1-7-x and check.
Make sure it builds for you, using all your favorite options and settings.
Also, build your favorite front end(s) against it and see how they fare.
Some of these changes are old (January) some are brand new (last night) so
front ends might not all be completely savvy.

As always, please report bugs. It is known, at the least, that the preverse
content rendering is not completely fixed yet so 1.7.3 won't release until
that is fixed.

Also, if you're geeky enough, please check I didn't break API or ABI
compatibility with this. It is our intention for 1.7.3 to be a drop-in
replacement for 1.7.2 including only bug fixes, so if I've accidentally
merged a breaking change, we'll need to identify that and revert it

Thanks for following along, and please! Test and report failures/successes.

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