[sword-devel] First steps in creating a WIN8 App - need help

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 12:08:38 MST 2013


> Now I’ve tried to test the libsword.lib and created a project with the
> simple.cpp which you had added to the „sword/examples/“ folder.****
> I builded the project and started the .exe in commandline but I got a
> error mesage wich says: ****
> C:\Users\Familie\Desktop\Crosswire\example\Test3\Debug\Test3.exe lookup
> KJV James 1:19****
> SWMgr: Can't find 'mods.conf' or 'mods.d'.  Try setting:****
>         SWORD_PATH=<directory containing mods.conf>****
>         Or see the README file for a full description of setup options
> (<configPath is null>)****
> ** **
> I’ve googled but really didn’t find a solution how to set up the .conf
> files and their pathes…

This happens when Sword application could not find modules. There are
several ways to fix this. If you have Sword modules already installed, set
environment variable SWORD_PATH to folder containing mods.d and modules
folders. Either using Control Panel->System or command line "set
SWORD_PATH=...". If you haven't modules installed using Xiphos or
BibleTime, you would download it from
http://crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles and extract
to working directory you run example (remember that Visual Studio set
working directory to solution root, instead of executable directory).

> And an other question is, do you know whether the libsword.lib will run
> under ARM-devices? E.g for WindowsRT…?
As far as i know nobody tried to build Sword for Windows RT. Feel free to
try and report here whether it was successful or not.

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