[sword-devel] Automagical repos

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Nov 30 09:08:31 MST 2013

Right now someone who wants to add a new repo which is not on the repo
master list, like e.g. a local server or something temporary etc has to
go through a whole rigmarole of repo settings. And this makes use of
non-standard repos quite hard, clumsy and error prone.

At the same time, much of this is not strictly necessary. The
mods.d.tar.gz file gives the whole shebang of path information one might

Wouldn't it be nice have a new automagical repo set-up routine?

Step 1)

Find a local FTP server by way of nmap or something similar or add a remote ftp
server address.

Step 2) 

Query this server until a file is found "mods.d.tar.gz"

Step 3) 

Use the path to this file and and the paths contained there-in to set up
the repo? 

Step 4) 

Test the repo found and report back. If failing offer the opportunity to
add a repo by hand.

This would cost a few seconds, but would improve usability of mobile
applications with in particular enormously. 

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