[sword-devel] How to compress large commentaries?

John Austin gpl.programs.info at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 08:58:33 MST 2013

I've got a large Russian commentary which is nearly 30MB. It has some 
very long introductions and commentary "verses" which are greater than 
64KB in length. These are easily handled with the RawCom4 driver. But 
when I use mod2zmod to compress the module, these long entries get 
truncated (also without warning).

The zVerse class for reading compressed Bible and commentary modules 
uses a 2 byte integer to represent verse size. This seems to truncate 
all commentary entries (verses) which are greater than 64KB in length.

So is there another way I'm not seeing to compress this commentary? If 
there is no way at present, can we come up with a way to do this for the 
future? Maybe a zVerse4 could be added? Or some other way? Of all the 
module types, commentaries can really benefit from compression since 
they can be so huge.


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