[sword-devel] Diatheke doen't show anything...

pHep paul.heptin at gmx.de
Fri Nov 8 11:48:51 MST 2013

Thank you for your help!

But I did some tests...
This is the Output for diatheke without arguments:
Diatheke command-line SWORD frontend Version 4.5
Copyright 1999-2009 by the CrossWire Bible Society
  diatheke <-b module_name> [-s search_type] [-r search_range]
[-o option_filters] [-m maximum_verses] [-f output_format]
[-e output_encoding] [-t script] [-v variant#(-1=all|0|1)]
[-l locale] <-k query_key>

If <book> is "system" you may use these system keys: "modulelist",
"modulelistnames", and "localelist".
Valid search_type values are: regex, multiword, and phrase(def).
Valid option_filters values are: n (Strong's numbers),
  f (Footnotes), m (Morphology), h (Section Headings),
  c (Cantillation), v (Hebrew Vowels), a (Greek Accents), p (Arabic Vowels)
  l (Lemmas), s (Scripture Crossrefs), r (Arabic Shaping),
  b (Bi-Directional Reordering), x (Red Words of Christ)
Maximum verses may be any integer value
Valid output_format values are: GBF, ThML, RTF, HTML, OSIS, CGI, and plain

Valid output_encoding values are: Latin1, UTF8 (def), UTF16, HTML, and RTF
Valid locale values depend on installed locales. en is default.
The query_key must be the last argument because all following
  arguments are added to the key.

Example usage:
  diatheke -b KJV -o fmnx -k Jn 3:16
  diatheke -b WHNU -t Latin -o mn -k Mt 24
  diatheke -b KJV -s phrase -r Mt -k love


And this is the output for: diatheke -b system -k modulelist
/C:\Users\Familie\Desktop\SWORD\TEST\installmgr>diatheke -b system -k
Biblical Texts:
Generic books:/

It looks like it doesn't find my modules... 
I've created the "mods.conf" and the "mods.d" in the directory containing
the diatheke.exe the modules are installed in the same directory
SWORD_PATH is set to
Installmgr finds the SWORD_PATH, it works and installs the modules to the

Is there something I've missed?
-kind regards,

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