[sword-devel] inconsecutive dictionary's index

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 05:32:06 MST 2013

Hi, all.

Is this feature supported? Or it is sword-tools bug?

We have/had some modules with such indexes: ZhEnglish, EReo_en, ERru_en,
for recent time StrongsGreekRu and StrongsHebrewRu in IBT repository. For
the IBT modules we detected that some entries was not padded correctly for
example entry list would looks like [..., "01685", "01686", "1687",
"01688", ...]. This result in wrong index for module: SWLD::increment() at
the last module entry jumps to entry "1687" everytime. In BibleTime we get
hangup, xiphos use limited list for dictionaries (9 entries), but it anyway

Attached patch should fix this issue in engine.

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