[sword-devel] slightly off topic ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Apr 25 10:00:55 MST 2013

Sorry for off-topic.  I have not needed to log on to the crosswire site 
using ftp for a long time.  I have some spurious folders in my imap 
mailbox and my e-mail client can't delete them, so I tried to log on by 
ftp as I have in the past, but if I try to open ftp on the crosswire.org 
site using my username and password, I get an 'anonymous users only' 
error.  I can log on as anonymous, but obviously can't get to my mailbox 
....  can anyone remind me what I put in to log on with a username and 
password please?

God bless,        Barry Drake.

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