[sword-devel] bindings/objc build broken

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Tue Apr 23 22:48:20 MST 2013

Hi Jeff,

the objc bindings are maintained by Manfred & (to a MUCH lesser degree) me, but a lot of how they work is for them to work in Eloquent or PocketSword. In fact, I don't think they (the version in SVN) have been updated to work with the latest SVN of SWORD, so you would get a ton of warnings if you were to compile them? (but that's based on my memory of updates, and I could be wrong?)

If you could explain what you're trying to achieve, perhaps I can point you in the right direction?
Personally, I would update your machine to 10.8.3 and go from there. Unless there is a good reason to stay on Snow Leopard? However, the scripts don't seem to work on my 10.8.3 machine. :/
Do you need to be compiling for PPC? If not, I wouldn't compile from the Terminal, but instead in Xcode.
Are you compiling for use on OS X or iOS?
Also, when you are using these scripts, it will use the clucene build that you created in the build_clucene folder, and (hopefully) ignores any others on your system.

Hopefully we can get something going for you so you can play around?

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

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On 23/01/2013, at 4:34 PM, Jeff Barnes <jbarnesweb at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Did a fresh checkout of https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk. Changed to bindings/objc.
> 1) The bindings/objc/README instructions are inaccurate. There is no Makefile in build_sword.
> 2) The build breaks in build_sword/build_mac_sword.sh.
> $ cd build_clucene
> $ make release-fat
> ...
> looks like successful build for 3 platforms
> $ cd ../build_sword
> $ ./build_mac_sword.sh -a fat -c
> ...
> ./configure: line 15671: syntax error near unexpected token `CLUCENE2,'
> ./configure: line 15671: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(CLUCENE2, libclucene-core >= 2.3,,true)'
> $ pkg-config --cflags --libs libclucene-core
> -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/CLucene/ext  -L/usr/local/lib/ -lclucene-core
> $ which pkg-config
> /usr/bin/pkg-config
>   System Version:Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
> ...
>   Model Name:MacBook Pro
>   Model Identifier:MacBookPro6,2
>   Processor Name:Intel Core i5
> Any help appreciated.
> Jeff
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