[sword-devel] osis2mod warnings

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 22:02:22 MST 2012

There are two osis2mod warnings I'm getting that seem strange to me.
The first is when it encounters post-verse material. It will issue a
warning such as follows:
INFO(V11N): Jude is not in the KJV versification. Appending content to
INFO(WRITE): Appending entry: 3John.1.14: *snipped content of 3John.1.14*

Now the material in question is simply a few closing colophons and/or
closing tags from the material in 3 John. Jude is, most definitely, a
part of the KJV versification. But when I got this message the first
time I ended up spinning in circles a few times looking for the issue
before realizing it was just an oddly worded debug statement. Perhaps
this should be altered to reflect what is actually happening?

Secondly is the warning pair:
WARNING(NESTING): verse Gen.10.2 is not well formed:(3,5)
WARNING(NESTING): verse Gen.10.4 is not well formed:(5,3)

The offending text reads:
<verse osisID="Gen.10.2" sID="Gen.10.2"/><list><item
type="x-indent-1">Ahima a Zhafeti yaali: Goomeri, Magogi, Madayi,
Yavani, Tubali, Mexeki, ni Tirasi.</item>
<item type="x-indent-1"><verse eID="Gen.10.2"/>
<verse osisID="Gen.10.3" sID="Gen.10.3"/>Ahima a Goomeri yaali
Axekenazi, Rifati ni Togaarima.</item>
<item type="x-indent-1"><verse eID="Gen.10.3"/>
<verse osisID="Gen.10.4" sID="Gen.10.4"/>Ahima a Yavani yaali: Elixa,
Tarixixi, Kitiimi ni Rodanimu.</item></list>
<p><verse eID="Gen.10.4"/>

My assumption is that the "not well formed" warning is coming from the
<list> ... </list> that is spanning across multiple verses. Yet
strangely these spanning <item> tags (misplaced by usfm2osis.py or in
the wrong place in the USFM files) are not generating a warning. What
is the malformed issue here? xmllint seems to think the file validates
against the official OSIS schema, so it's not an XML validation issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


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