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Sat Jun 23 10:09:23 MST 2012

=E1=90=82, =E1=90=84, =E1=90=8A=E1=90=83.

If it is simply a transliteration problem the fix should be easy
enough (search/replace) though.  I'm willing to try to resolve this.
Why do you believe =E1=90=82 is incorrect?  Is it because of the comment '.=
. I
have not seen this used in texts."?  I am seeing it used in a texts
(namely the bible) so before I question anyone else, I want to ensure
I understand the concern.

> I just committed a transliterator to our SVN that will transform between
> Inuktitut written in syllabics and in Latin letters. I also placed it in =
> ICU Transform demo, if you want to test/play with it:
> .  Set Source 1 to Inuktitut
> and Target 1 to Latin (or vice versa), paste some text in the Input box, =
> click Transform.

This is a great tool!

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