[sword-devel] xreffix.pl and possible future questions

luke luke at motimail.com
Wed Jun 27 22:58:01 MST 2012

☑ Cleaned usfm in Bibledit
☑ Exported to Osis from Bibledit
☑ Fixed Osis errors
    ☑ Manually had to go through and fix bridged verses, because though the usfm rendering I had was correct, usfm2osis doesn't appear to format it correctly in OSIS and I don't have the capabilities to fix that.
☑ Osis Validates
☑ Ran fixtitles.pl
     error missing libraries
☑ Asked Crosswire Mailing list and found needed library
☑ Ran fixtitles.pl
☑ Ran xreffix.pl
     error missing Sword.pm in @INC

So now I'm back on the mailing list asking how can I get Sword.pm installed in my ubuntu system.  I looked through ubuntu and crosswire repositories and found nothing.  I searched google for what Sword.pm might be and found nothing.
I'm now trying to guess what future issues I might have that aren't documented. I am unclear on what it is that I might need to edit in the xreffix.pl in order to adapt it for my file (as mentioned in previous e-mails).  
-In usfm the majority of our cross references are found using the parallel reference marker /r.
-Also, since our locale is for a minority language and has just newly been created, where will I need to have that file in order to make it work with the script?  Right now I'm guessing that it should be put in the same file as xreffix.pl, but I can imagine it needing to be with the other system locales.

I'm hoping that I am very close. I'm fearing that once I've done all of this, it still won't appear correctly in various sword front-ends and I will have to start over.  What a journey it has been.

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