[sword-devel] Question about verses combined in USFM and in OSIS

luke luke at motimail.com
Wed Jun 20 16:36:30 MST 2012

I also want to ask again about multiple verses that have been combined into one verse i.e. Genesis 1:6-7.  Bibledit complains about the usfm formatting of \v 6-7.  However, in the USFM User Reference PDF disributed by paratext this is a common format for usfm encoding and is used multiple times in their examples.  Then when I look at the osis 2.1 user manual for March 2006, pg 15 it clearly represents a way to do this as well:

<verse sID="Esth.1.1-Esth.1.2" osisID="Esth.1.1 Esth.1.2" n="1-2"/>
King Xerxes of Persia lived in his capital city of Susa and ruled one
hundred twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia.
<verse eID="Esth.1.1-Esth.1.2"/>

Sadly, the end result is that if I try to validate osis that includes this formatting, it is considered invalid.  The solution I have been using to make this work in GoBible and to avoid the error warnings in Bibledit is to create an empty verse 7 for GoBible file or in my sword project module to leave the text without a vs 7.  This allows me to validate, but it makes our published text and our electronic text different and could give the appearance to people using the electronic version that we have deleted parts of God's Word.  Any known solution that is better than this?


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