[sword-devel] HunUj Bible (New Translation Hungarian Bible) module has disappeared

Kristof Szabo kristof.szabo at lutheran.hu
Sat Jun 9 06:34:24 MST 2012


On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 6:46 PM, David Haslam [via SWORD Dev]

> You can install a module using Xiphos, then use *Module Manager |
> Maintenance | Archive* to save the module as a ZIP file, and it ends up
> in the Zip folder under your Xiphos Sword path.
> After I've successfully created a module from a validated source file, and
> tested it in three front-ends, that's usually how I prepare to send a
> module to CrossWire for submission.
I think this way is not really viable (with all respect to it) in case of
the av11n repository which contains 40 modules. Yesterday I extended my
Perl script that created the table for the Wiki page with a few lines which
create the module zip file as well. I uploaded these zip files to my
Dropbox and put a link to each module on the Wiki page. (Though it would be
nicer to host these zip files on ftp.crosswire.org.)

I think it would be useful to link the Wiki page from
http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/index.jsp or
http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles so that
it would be clear to everybody where the "disappeared" modules reside.

The other thing that came to my mind after a short check on
ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/packages/, that the outdated version of
modules should be deleted from here, this area still contains the old HunUj
module (and I guess others too) which shouldn't be accessible anymore. I
can help in this clean-up work with some scripting if it is required.

Kind regards,
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