[sword-devel] Other bible versions

Michelle jean Pierre michelle4u49 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 06:11:08 MST 2012

To whom it may concern; I would like to start by telling you that the bibles you provide to AndBible are great, i enjoy every seconds of the apps through AndBible. And Now, I would like to make an inquiry or a suggestion about additional bibles. Are you able to add additional old english bibles from the past to you bibles collections, so that AndBible can use them. Are you able to add the Bishops version, the Great Bible version, the Ms. Camb. li 211 Gospels (ca 995) and The Ms. Parker 140 Gospels (ca 995). Please let me know if it possible to add all these versions of the Bible to the App, or a couple of them. . I will be waiting for yor response, please let me know which ones will be possible, thank you, sincerely Michelle.

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