[sword-devel] Ruby markup support?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jun 7 19:28:02 MST 2012

I looked briefly into it.  Adding straightforward recognition of the
option to Xiphos is mechanical and trivial, doable in an hour; the
difficulty arises because I don't know what the resulting output of the
filter looks like.  Borrowing the blocked output Xiphos uses for
Strongs/morph is possible, but that code depends on a (too) close
awareness of the HTML generated by the filter, so as to re-work it for
blocking.  If the output is similar to detect, all could be well.

Perhaps the biggest question is what to do if there is ever a module
that is both Strongs- and Ruby-enabled.  (Don't say it won't ever
happen.  I never thought I'd have to worry about Strongs outside Bible
modules, and then along came Didache.)

The blocking code needs some generalization that I have not taken the
time to do.

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