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Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 4 15:47:52 MST 2012


I am afraid I cannot answer any of those questions, as I only read Bible
in Russian and the names are different.


On 04/06/12 17:45, DM Smith wrote:
> In getting the wiki back up, I didn't put any anti-spam prevention into
> place.
> As a result there were hundreds of new user accounts created in the last
> two weeks. I've deleted nearly everyone of them. If I deleted yours,
> accept my apology and create it again.
> Additionally, I cleaned up all their spam.
> Previously, we had a simple captcha used on account creation that
> presented a simple math problem. I've changed that to a series of simple
> tests of biblical knowlege:
> Who is the savior of your soul?
> Who died for your sins?
> Who is Jesus' mother?
> Who wrote the Gospel According to Mark?
> Who wrote the Gospel According to Matthew?
> Who wrote the Gospel According to Luke?
> Who wrote the Gospel According to John?
> A random question is picked from those that I supplied.
> If this proves too onerous, let me know. I'll change them to also
> provide the answer.
> If you have other ones that have obvious answers that you'd like to add,
> let me know.
> In Him,
>     DM
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